February 7, 2019

Assalamualaikum and hello~

So a new branch of Family Mart (yes, the place for the famous oden) is finally open in Sutera Utama! It's really close to my office and turns out we went there on the very first day. There weren't so many people as it's still working time so we're kinda lucky.

But of course, it was hectic later after maghrib time as people are already back from work and who wouldn't wanna get their hands on the famous oden, right? I was gonna review this last week but decided to try more of the foods before posting this. And I think I've waited long enough haha.

||     THE AMBIENCE          

Honestly, I really like the ambience inside Family Mart. It's cute and it's the better version of 7eleven, in terms of the food choices. There are lots of Japanese foods here, like bento, onigiri, sandwiches, cakes, puddings, snacks, and of course- oden. I don't fancy foods like fish cakes, and stuffs, except meatball. So I was just trying out to find out if the broth is really tasty haha.

There are also chairs and tables for you to eat your food, like in J-dramas or K-dramas which they eat in the convenience stores. And it's photo friendly too.

But then I realized, every picture I took was deleted due to "phone memory almost full". I thought I already upload them here but noooo! *nangis

||     THE FOOD          

Okay, I tried pretty much a lot of the food, and I honestly think food there is a bit overpriced. But, items at 24 hours convenience stores are always a bit pricey, right? It's convenience at night time, especially when the only restaurants open are mamak stall and Mcdonalds but you don't wanna eat that kinds of stuffs. So, opekos lah harganya mahal sedikit. hahaha

The are plenty of choices, like, really a lot! I love to come there in the morning because there are lots of new food and the shelves are full.

Okay so the shelves look like these in the mornings:

||   EXPERIENCE          

I was actually really looking forward to try the frappe, since a blogger once mentioned that it's really tasty (and the followers pon ramai yang agree with her) so I bought it. But since the store just opened, not every worker is experienced (and I find some macam takpernah training je haha). The guy that prepared the frappe for me is a new guy. And I gotta say that, the frappe sucks bad. It tastes like Milo tabur, but a freaking expensive one! But when I came 2 days ago, I can see another staff prepare the frappe the different way than the guy who served us did. So maybe the taste is actually different, and better than the one I got. kot. haha

But I gotta say their onigiri is really tasty and fully loaded with the stuffed things, like if you buy eel onigiri, the eel inside it is really big and it's really satisfying!

The oden is not that bad, but if you get yourself the ramen, the broth is gonna be a bit salty. We first bought oden without the ramen and it tastes nice. Our friend bought oden with ramen later the same day and they complain about it being too salty. So for second purchase, we add ramen to our Oden and yes, and the broth turned out salty since the ramen noodle is salty.

The sandwich is okay, but I prefer sandwiches at Aeon for both price and taste.

The pudding and ice cream is a must try!


||   REVIEW          

Macam takpayah bg star je hahahaha~ but I really love marts like this! it's like 7eleven but different, and 24 hours too!

||     ADDRESS          

14 G, Jalan Bestari 2/2, Taman Nusa Bestari, 81200 Skudai, Johor

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