September 17, 2019

Assalamualaikum and hello again!

So last Monday was Public Holiday and we decided to bring mom to eat some dessert~ I saw Mykori cafe last month (baru tahu ada kat BP) and wanted to treat mom for her birthday but since we were hungry, we ate at somewhere else hehe. 

So here we are, a month later!

||     MYKORI DESSERT CAFE          

Mykori is a cafe based on Japanese desserts which includes kakigori and taiyaki. There are other menus as well but all of them are desserts, which explains why my family and I went to other restaurant at first since we were all super hungry. haha!

Mykori is a really famous dessert cafe since they serve really cute shaved ice and the cafe itself is cute gila and perfect for instagram. I thought that the outlet at Batu Pahat is just a small outlet (it was full house when we came), but turned out it's a two storey outlet. Besar gila bahagian atas tau!

||     MENU          

You can click HERE for their updated menu on their website but here's what they serve : 

The price is still the same when we went last week but for updated menus and prices, click HERE yaw.

||     THE AMBIENCE          

I really love the interior of this cafe. It's clean and the concept is simple. Plus, Batu Pahat outlet here is a 2 storey cafe so you don't have to worry for the crowd because there's so much space upstairs too.


refill your plain water for free

||     HONEST REVIEW          

Okay, time for an honest review. As much as I love the interior and service (staffs here are friendly!), the kakigori is so-so je. It doesn't even reach my expectation, and in fact, it's wayyyy below my expectation. I've had shaved ice from a few places and it's sad to say this one is, average sangat.

We ordered Mango Cheesecake Kakigori, Melon Kakigori, Red bean Taiyaki and Chicken Slice & Cheese Taiyaki.

So, here's my review on this café
⭐ 3.0 overall
⭐ Staff is friendly! Love them and the cafe is soooo clean and insta friendly.
⭐ the ambience is cute and clean
⭐ Melon Kakigori is okay- underneath melon kakigori is tembikai susu shaved ice and nata de coco.
⭐ Mango Cheese cake kakigori is "meh". The shaved ice is milk-flavored, which is so bland (tawar okeh), and the cheesecake inside the kakigori is sooo little. And that's it for RM 22 😐
⭐ The taiyake filling is not bad, but the croissant is just a bit too thin. Yes, the fish is made from Croissant ya, not batter. (even the name is croissant taiyake haha)
⭐ Plain water is available, self service.
⭐ I know kfry served bingsoo, which is a korean shaved ice dessert (Mykori is based on Japanese dessert), but I still prefer to add a few bucks and go to k-fry because the shaved ice is better and more loaded.

our Taiyaki, hahaha

Will I come again?

Will I recommend it to my friends?
If you wanna take cute shaved ice & café pictures- yeah. But to eat tasty shaved ice- no.


I'm sorry Mykori. This is just my personal review (and I paid the bill, not sponsored by kfry too haha). Unless the taste has been upgraded according to the price, I stick to my review- Especially the milk shaved ice of the mango kakigori. It's bland, and doesn't taste creamy. Macam bubuh banyak sangat air dalam mixture susu tu. And the cheesecake inside the shaved ice pon kecik, the mango is the yellow topping only. Sorry. 

But they do offer loyalty card. spend certain amount and collect stamp behind the loyalty card and you can redeem 1 free kakigori. 

That's it for now!

Till then,
Thank you for reading this entry!
hani shubie

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